How it Works

Traditional dating sites can be a real bore. you have to go through pages and pages of profiles and then write big essays on who you are and what you are looking for. It can be real time consuming and can be exhausting.

Cricket Date is fast, addictive and very easy to use. And it can get you results within minutes. We have combined the love of cricket and the desire to find companionship in one place. Even if you just want a friend or someone to give you company at a cricket match then this is an ideal way of finding that person.

How it works is really simple

You just go through the pics of people you like and if you decide that person could be right for you then just click yes. If that person likes the look of you or supports the same team as you then you could be on a winner


You can also just narrow your search based on your location or favourite IPL team. For example, you could be a Chennai Super Kings fan so you just search for a fellow Chennai Kings supporter and click YES. You may be attending a match with that person and who knows where it could lead This is so easy to use you can be playing whilst on the go so why not give it a try !

Meet someone worth Meeting

Registration Free


Registration is free ! Once you register, you can search profiles of members supporting IPL teams and browse around. You can also contact members, exchange contacts and do a whole lot more !